Comms Visual Language

Branding: Business Card

Our assignment this week is to design a business card for ourselves.

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Composition: ITP Winter Show Poster

This week we were tasked with designing a promotional poster for our program’s upcoming winter show. It required putting together our previous lessons of typography and color with composition. I found the exercise a magnitude of difficulty greater than any previous. Process Since I had such difficulty with this assignment, I relied more on a design process than I had before. Doing a 4x4 type concept and variation approach kept my work moving forward, rather than getting stuck and just staring at my screen.
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Color Palette

A color palette exercise with 5 tones. light yellow: EFEBDF midnight: 15212E warm grey: 847C7C red: 973A3A blue: 3A6C97 Syntax Highlighting My color choices were originally much different, but went through several iterations after trying to apply it to syntax highlighting. I realized the changes were needed as I tried creating both “dark” and “light” syntax highlighting with the same limited palette. That required a dark background, a light background, and three mid tones.
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Expressive Words

Typography Redesign: Boarding Pass

Design Analysis: QSR Wayfinding

While examples of wayfinding tend to be focused on helping people orient themselves in tangled, large spaces, wayfinding is also important for navigating smaller spaces. This becomes quickly apparent in service design.

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Design Analysis: NYT Magazine Cover, Christoph Niemann

Below is a cover of the New York Times magazine by an illustrator Christoph Niemann. I’d seen this cover before, but came to appreciate it even more after watching a documentary with a segment highlighting Christoph’s work, Abstract: The Art of Design.

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