Learning Machines: k-means From Scratch

This week I wrote a k-means clustering implementation using only numpy and the Python standard library.

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Animation: Character design and animation

After learning to appreciate the intricacies of animation with stop motion last week, we’ve shifted to digital animation.

I designed a basic 2D character in Sketch and animated it in After Effects.

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Learning Machines: Compression

I’m beginning a machine learning course and our first task is to write an implementation of run-length encoding, a basic compression algorithm.

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Nod Bang: Building Objects in C++

This week I’ve focused on implementing the functionality of the buttons and the LED strand.

I learned to make C++ class objects for Arduino this week and how to stick it all in an Arduino library. It’s been extremely helpful for cleaning up and debugging. It will also be valuable if I decide to ever add more buttons and LEDs to this project.

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Nod Bang: Back to Basics Prototyping

This week I took some steps backwards in terms of hardware complexity to refocus on implementing functionality.

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Animation: Stop Motion

Our first assignment for ITP’s Animation course was to create a <30s stop motion animation piece.

Sofia Suazo, Barak Chamo, and I were placed into a group. We decided to do an abstract piece.

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Tech and the City: Application Video

I am applying to a Stern business school course, “Tech and the City”, during the spring semester.

The course is a joint production of Union Square Ventures and Stern. The course revolves around being embedded in a USV portfolio company

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pComp: Project Planning

In our 9th class for physical computation, we discussed our ideas for our final projects. We will present them in week 14, so we have a little over a month to prepare.

I’ll be using my midi controller + performance tool project, nodbang

Our task this week is to prepare a bill of materials, a timeline, and a systems diagram for our piece.

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ixd: Teknopolis Exhibition Ideation

Everyone in the class is submitting 6 project ideas following a site visit to BAM and a tour of the exhibition spaces.

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pComp: Turntable Prototyping

Our midterm project for pComp is due next week so I need to build the non-electrical components. Our original concept post is here. First Turntable Mockup Next Steps Build mockup enclosure Extend ultrasonic sensor wiring and mount to enclosure Tweak software parameters for sensor and motor